Terms & Conditions

  How to create your account with more details ?

  • ·         Logging in to your account by using e-mail address and password you previously provided
  • ·         Add more details by filling given information about your information and also partner preferences
  • ·         You can add brief introduction about your self under introduction part (maximum 300 characters)

·         Profile picture,

  • By clicking on picture frame and after you have to save it

·         Gallery images,

  • By clicking on gallery you can add images according to your package

·         Picture privacy,

  • You can set up both profile picture and gallery images by selecting provided options.
  •  Complete details will helpful to find your best soul mate as you wish

 What are the Special features of yojanawa.com ?

  •  Free registration
  • Free express interest and accept interest

 Premium plans

  • 04 packages, you can select any package according to your requirement

How to manage your account ?

  • After creating your account, you can see profiles of your partners. You can view full profile and express interest, shortlist profile, can request more details from partners likewise
  • Other than that you can see express interest, and chatting request from partner. According to your preferences can accept or declined
  •  If you interesting to contact further you have to buy the premium plans to get contact details
  •  Important thing is this proposal site we facilitate hundred percent customer security. Because we don't display your contact numbers to all members. We provide contact details only paid customers

How to purchasing packages ?

  • Provide both online payments and bank deposits facilities
  • For more details about purchasing packages contact customer care call center:- (077) 838 0457
  •  We hope to facilitate Yojanawa.com app soon as possible